We have received notification from FamilySearch that this service will cease world-wide on 1 September 2017. 

All orders made through the SAG for films/fiche must be received by 30 August 2017 in order for us to send them off before the cut-off date.  


Microfilm and microfiche from the FamilySearch collection can be ordered for viewing at 2/379 Kent Street. These include English and Welsh parish registers, European resources, American census records, British army records, Australian parish registers, and much more. 

 You can order a film or fiche for viewing in one of two ways.

  1. Go to FamilySearch online and set up your own free account, nominating the SAG at 2/379 Kent Street as the place where you will view your films.  Orders require payment by Visa or Mastercard.  When your item arrives at the SAG you will be automatically notified by email.
  2. Place your order with us in person. When your item arrives you'll be notified by phone or email, whichever you nominate as your preferred method.

To place an order, you first need to identify its catalogue number. We can assist you with this at 2/379 Kent Street or you can consult the Family History Library Catalogue online

Each item costs $7.75 and is on loan for 90 days. However we will return your film two weeks prior to the 'return date' to allow time for it to be shipped back to the USA.  This means you generally have around 60 days to view the film at 2/379 Kent Street.

Viewing charge for FamilySearch Films

There is a viewing charge of $2.95 payable on each microfilm or set of microfiche you order for viewing at the SAG and this is applicable regardless of whether you place your order online or through the SAG.  It is a once-off fee.

Other services

Requests to hold FHL films on permanent loan can be organised through FamilySearch, but you must contact the SAG staff to discuss this first due to our limited storage facilities.

Non-member viewing of FamilySearch Films at 379 Kent Street

Non-members who nominate 2/379 Kent Street as the library at which they wish to view FHL material will be charged the current daily non-member visitor fee for every visit they make to view their ordered items, in addition to all other applicable charges.